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Cool! i thought this was a pretty interesting quest for a bird to go on, seens that he/she is quite small and journeying through a huge house with a man chasing after him! It was rather short but had great elements all through it! The bird is born into the world not knowing what to do or anything about what it is, so he/she goes on an epic quest to find out what it is he/she must do to survive. Then the conflict of the man chasing after him/her puts wondering into my mind as to why he seeks vengeance upon him/her! D: (i don't know if it is a boy or girl so i will just say he and him from now on) (i really enjoyed that it looked as though the mans shadow was chasing the bird, it gave me the impression he really wants that bird! But why? What would he want with an innocent little bird??) The bird races up mountainous stairs and through obstacles only to find himself at the end of his life. Also, stop motion is really tough and tedious, yet this was a good presentation. I also enjoyed very much seeing the birth of the bird as he is folded into reality, it made me feel like i really was about to embark on a great journey along side the bird as i have known him from the time he was born! :D

Things to maybe work on:

Even though it is way more tedious and takes a lot of time, you should try to make smaller movements of the characters, therefor more pictures, i felt it was a bit choppy, almost as he was jumping around everywhere.

There seems to be a lot of problems with the lighting, as in various scenes the light was constantly changing. Try to keep the lighting as stable as possible, as in closing windows, or keeping your shadow out of the frame and such.

There are many times in the film that that frame seemed to be jumping around as if the camera was being adjusted every other frame when it should have been still. (Although, intentional or not, the movement of the frames gave the film a more intense feeling to it, especially when he was being chased by the man) But if you are even looking for help on this, and if you don't have one already, try getting a prop for the camera and tighten it on there real nice and sturdy. Also you can try to hit the picture button ever so slightly as to not disrupt the frame. This could be very frustrating at times because if you want it completely still and you move it just once, then you would have to shoot it all over again. So be careful!!

Overall i think it was great, but still needs quite a bit of work. But keep these things in mind and do your best to keep it up!

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what dafuq hahahah

uuuhhhhh happy birthday!!!!! heres your present! (5 stars) also because of the :3 face

Jatha responds:

Thank yah xD

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i am very confused at why i am sliding foward slightly the whole time, but this could be a pretty good game! keep up the good work!

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Bismuth83ROBLOX responds:

You are supposed to slide, the point of the game is the when you jump you go faster :) thnx <3

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Ahhhhhhh this CharChar looks so cool! YET CREEPY AT THE SAME TIME. O.O But a good creepy. He really looks like he wants me! D: But i do really love the shading on this and im a fan of any awesome cartoony thing with bright colors, AND IT'S DAYUMN POKEMON! That's an instant five stars right there man, i love it.

ILIKEBUTTS responds:

Thanks a lot, dawg. Lately my work has been having a lot more vibrant colors than in the past (I used to do a loooot of black and white). It's nice to know you enjoy the color! And thanks for the comment~

This is super awesome!!!!!! nice job dude!

ZeTrystan responds:

Thanks dude! :D

Hi, I like to make drawrings, and i love video games of all kinds especially the old ones!!! also cartoons. I hope to be a fine acquaintance with you!

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